Friday August 19th @ Whitehart (4-7pm)

Friday August 19th @ Galah (9pm-1am)

Saturday August 20th @ Babysnakes (7pm-1am)

Sunday August 21st @ Music Room (9pm-1am)

Tuesday August 23rd @ The Arbory (5-10pm)

Wednesday August 24th @ Revolver (10pm-late)

Friday August 26th @ Whitehart (4-7pm)

Friday August 26th @ Kewpie (8-9.30pm)

Friday August 26th @ Galah (10pm-1am)

Saturday August 27th @ Babysnakes (7pm-1am)

Sunday August 28th @ Dr Morse (2-10pm) with Sky High Trio

Monday August 29th @ Whitehart (1-6pm)