Saturday November 27th @ Babysnakes (7pm-1am)

Sunday November 28th @ Dr Morse (12pm-10pm) with Sky High Trio

Tuesday November 30th @ Arbory Afloat (12-5pm)

Friday December 3rd @ Whitehart (12-5pm)

Friday December 3rd @ Galah (9pm-1am)

Saturday December 4th @ Bennetts On Bellarine (6.30-9.30pm)

Saturday December 4th @ Angel Music Bar (12am-5am)

Sunday December 5th @ The Toff In Town (5-7pm) Melbourne International Jazz Festival Hub

Tuesday December 7th @ Arbory Afloat (12-5pm)

Thursday December 9th @ Angel Music Bar (8pm-2am)

Friday December 10th @ Whitehart (5-7pm)

Friday December 10th @ Galah (9pm-1am)

Saturday December 11th @ Babysnakes (7pm-1am)

Tuesday December 14th @ Arbory Afloat (12-5pm)

Saturday December 18th @ Babysnakes (7pm-1am)

Tuesday December 21st @ Arbory Afloat (12-5pm)

Thursday December 23rd @ Angel Music Bar (8pm-2am)

Friday December 24th @ Runner Up (6pm-1am)

Saturday December 25th @ John Curtin Hotel (Time TBC)

Sunday December 26th @ Section 8

Tuesday December 28th @ Arbory Afloat (12-5pm)

Thursday December 30th @ Angel Music Bar (8pm-2am)

Saturday January 1st @ Bennetts On Bellarine (6.30-9.30pm)