Mike Gurrieri is a DJ, radio presenter, label owner & music lover who has established himself as one of the most diverse & in-demand selectors on the Melbourne circuit. Priding himself on continually pushing new sounds as well as incorporating music from the past, Mike’s sets are always full of surprises.

His many years working behind the counter of several Melbourne record stores (presently Northside Records) has meant Mike has built up an incredibly diverse record collection over the years, incorporating elements of jazz, soul, disco, hip hop & electronic music from all over the world.

Aside from his regular DJ sets around the bars, clubs & festivals of Melbourne, Mike’s sounds can also be heard on a weekly basis on his radio show ‘Mystic Brew’ which airs every Tuesday morning at 9am on Melbourne community station PBS 106.7FM.

Mike is also responsible for the Equinox Recordings label, which has released some of the most exciting contemporary records to come out of Melbourne in recent years including releases from The Raah Project, Tulalah & the original vinyl release of Hiatus Kaiyote’s debut EP ‘Tawk Tomahawk’.